Sample Review: Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze Hair Treatment

Hello everyone!

I did a LUSH/Sephora haul last week and have tried all of the products now 😀

In the haul I mentioned that I got a sample of the Jasmine & Henna Fluff hair treatment. My hair is VERY dry and processed by years of bleach and dye. When the LUSH employees told me I needed to buy this hair treatment I went to grab it… until I  saw that it was $23.95 USD… for 7.8 oz…. ahhhh!

So, as I said, I got a sample:

Before I go into the review I wanted to include the video LUSH has on their website regarding the product, to give you a better understanding of what it claims to do and how to use it:

Source: Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze Hair Treatment | Hair Treatments | LUSH Cosmetics

Applying a cream to dry hair is a new thing for me, which felt so gross… My hair got all tangled and I ended up with knots. The smell is VERY potent and gave me an instant headache. I didn’t realize how strong the scent was until I took it out of the sample pot.

Because of all this, I had low hopes for the treatment, which was actually great since I didn’t want to spend  that much money on such a small amount of product. I left it in my hair for about 15-20 minutes and then took my migraine-ridden head to the shower. And I thought nothing of the product after I washed it out with my shampoo and conditioner except for the scent that lingered on my hands and hair for a couple of hours. If you don’t have a sensitive nose/head then maybe this will be your favorite scent. It’s very strong but it’s also very natural and deep. It has a slightly sweet, earthy… I’m SOO bad at describing scents. haha I would have loved the scent if it wasn’t so strong.

The next day, however, I changed my mind completely. I have never had my hair feel so soft. My frizz was gone, my hair wasn’t weighted down like most softnening treatments , and the once-sickly scent was now soft and earthy. The softness lasted a few washes but my hair is VERY damaged at he ends. In my opinion, it is worth the pain that it caused my head for a few hours.

Do I recommend: 100% Yes!

Pros: Made my hair SO soft, no longer frizzy, and feel light & healthy

Cons: Price, scent (when applying), it only lasted 2-3 washes (on my VERY damaged hair)

I will wait to buy a full pot of this, but I will make this a staple in my monthly hair care routine. I can’t use it too often, my bank account would hate me for it! lol

I hope you all enjoyed this review, some more reviews of my latest purchases will be coming your way shortly!

Speak to you soon,

-Dianna ❤

5 thoughts on “Sample Review: Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze Hair Treatment

    • CrueltyFreeConfidence says:

      Thank you! And yeah, I didn’t think it was too bad until it was on my hair. OMG it’s so powerful. I have a very sensitive nose and head… Everything gives me migraines. If the scent is too overpowering for you it’s not worth it! That’s a lot of money to torture yourself. Lol im going to purchase the full version because I apparently like to be in pain. Haha I’m going to be on the hunt for another great hair treatment, when I do I’ll write a review. Hopefully that’ll help those of us who can’t stand the scent 🙂

      Thank you again ❤

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  1. Helen Ashleigh says:

    Oo I’ve been thinking about buying this! Great review :). I’ve got the kinky hair treatment (I think it’s called that – the one on the stick) I haven’t used it yet but I think the jasmine and henna fluff might be more me x


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