About Cruelty-Free Confidence

Cruelty-Free Confidence is a… wait for it… Cruelty-Free lifestyle blog (Crazy, right?) but what does that mean? Something is CF when it was made without the use of experimentation/testing on animals. This blog bases it’s opinion on that of Leaping Bunny’s “Standard” and just click here to read the criteria for CF companies on their list. Everything that I post is related to a CF lifestyle; makeup, hair, body, home decor, etc. I occasionally post CF news, whether that be about a new CF makeup line or companies that are no longer CF. If you ever want to see something specific, like a review of a certain product or my opinion on a CF company, just let me know and I will do my best to make that happen. I want readers to learn from my mistakes, know everything I know, and follow me on my journey to becoming 100% CF. This is a learning process for everyone and I want you to know that I’m no expert, just a girl who wants to help others become CF too!

This is not a Vegan blog and may have products on it that consist of animal ingredients or animal by-products. As my beliefs evolve and change so will this blog and that means that I might one day decide to make this into a Vegan blog or I might not. However, at this current moment it is not and I wanted to make it clear that, while I will be posting products that happen to be vegan, not everything on here is going to be vegan. If this goes against your personal beliefs then I am sorry if you feel offended. I deeply respect those who live Vegan lifestyles. It would be greatly appreciated that while commenting, messaging, or even reading posts, that you fully respect not only myself but others who post their comments and concerns on this blog. Everyone has different definitions, interpretations, and beliefs, they also have every right to them. I just ask that the expression of these beliefs be done in a  polite and respectable manner. Thank you very much! 🙂

A fellow CF blog, Logical Harmony  does a FANTASTIC job of explaining the differences between being Cruelty-Free and being Vegan. If you aren’t sure which path is right for you then go here and check it out!

I actually mentioned Logical Harmony and a few other blogs in the “How to find CF Companies and Products” page. If you haven’t read that post yet, you should, it is very helpful! As always, don’t hesitate if you have any questions or concerns, I’m always here to help!

-Dianna ❤

*I am in NO way paid, sponsored, or asked to do reviews or posts by any company/person. If this were to change I would fully disclose all of the information on the post that it applies to! All of the things you see here on Cruelty-Free Confidence are from my mind and heart. I take pride in my work and all opinions are mine alone! Whenever I use content from another blog/company/person I link their original work within that particular post. All of the posts are my own original material and I ask that if you would like to use anything on Cruelty-free Confidence give the blog credit within your post. Thanks for your time! 😀

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