How to find CF Companies and Products

Are you overwhelmed with all of the websites, videos, lists, and companies you’ve been researching? Have you just started trying to find CF brands and need a little help? Do you just want to see what places Cruelty-Free Confidence uses for reference? How many questions can one person ask?? 🙂

Well, here are my top six places to find out all you need to know!

My top three go to places:

Some of my favorite CF Blogs, they share a lot of my beliefs and have their own sets of CF lists! Give their blogs a look through to determine if they are a good fit for your lifestyle and choices:


* Cruelty-Free Confidence uses the Leaping Bunny shopping guide to determine what companies are used on this blog. I personally trust and honor the information Leaping Bunny puts together and do not feel the need to contact the companies on that list on my own. If I find a company that is not on the Leaping Bunny list that claims to be CF, I will either contact them directly, and wait for a response, and/or check Peta’s shopping guide to make sure the company is actually CF.


I hope this list helps you and feel free to ask me any questions about anything listed above or on the blog as a well!

– Dianna ❤

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