The Fashionista Award Nomination!

Fashionista Award!

Hi everyone 😀

I was nominated by Leila of for this Fashionista Award. She runs a great lifestyle blog and if you haven’t started following her yet then you’re missing out! Go check her blog! I wanted to thank her for the nomination. I’m really new to this whole blogging thing and I’m always very blown away at how accepting and sweet the CF blog community is to newbies. 🙂

Here are the questions I’ll be answering and if you click here you can see all of the rules!

So, here we go:

  • What motivated you to start blogging?

My decision to become CF in the beginning of the summer made me want to share my journey with others. I thought it would make it easier and I would be able to find people who are also CF! I’m so glad I was right about that!

  • Favorite movies?

I usually love chick flicks, horror, and comedy. I really don’t have a specific favorite though!

  • What is your dream career?

I would really enjoy being a rehabilitation counselor for people who are leaving prison. I know thats an unusual job, but someone has to do it! The U.S. has one of the largest prison populations and once these individuals leave they need to transition into society so that they do not return later.

  • Top wish list items of the moment?

I did a post about these here. I’m also eyeing a couple Too Faced eyeshadow palettes! They look so nice 😀

  • Favorite television shows?

I really LOVE Bates Motel on A&E here in the states and a show The Leftovers on HBO! I would seriously recommend it to people who love suspenseful TV shows.

  • What store do you find yourself shopping in the most?

I’m usually in Target, Ulta, or Forever21. All for different reasons, I just love their stuff!

  • Favorite fashion designers?

I do not have any favorite fashion designers… I don’t even think I could name one off of the top of my head… Is that bad?

  • Describe your dream vacation.

I would love to go to Ireland or England. My family is from both countries and, from what I’ve seen in pictures, they look beautiful! Also, I’ve only left the U.S.A. to go to the Bahamas. However, it’s only a 45 minute airplane ride from here. It actually takes longer to fly to the northern border of Florida and Alabama than it does to leave the country and get to the Bahamas, so I don’t count it. lol

  • What are your goals for your blog?

I really hope to help others who are going through the CF journey. It’s a difficult task to take on alone and I hope that people can find this blog helpful and fun to read! I’m no expert, just a girl who is trying to do the right thing!

  • If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to interview Audrey Hepburn. She was an amazing person who really put others before herself, she was a style icon, and overall she seemed like an interesting human being. The question never clarified that they had to be alive, so I’m sticking with Audrey! haha

 Now to my nominees! I really enjoy all of these blogs and you should check them out too! They’re all CF and I just love what they have to say 😀

Puri from Blushing Biddies

Brianna from Cruelty Free Me

Compassionate Beauty

Christina from A Casual Beauty

Caroline from Cocktails & Crochet

Sarah from Kitty Approved Beauty

Lena from Tranquility28

-Dianna ❤

Princess and the Peony: Flower Beauty Lip Butter – Review

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend 😀

As summer comes to an end I find myself gravitating towards more “summer” colors. I guess thats just me attempting to fight fall off as much as possible! haha Anyway, with my recent stop at the local Walmart I picked up a few items from a brand that I have never tried before. I decided that I would step outside my comfort zone and pick up some Flower Beauty brand items!  They claim to be proudly made in the USA and that they do NOT test on animals… They are NOT on Peta’s nor Leaping Bunny’s CF lists. If this makes you uncomfortable then please, please, please, let me know in the comments section. I saw this brand on Logical Harmony’s CF & vegan brand list. I do really trust Logical Harmony’s opinions and that is why I took a leap of faith when it came to this brand. However, I understand if you think that Flower Beauty isn’t CF until it has been Peta or Leaping Bunny approved!

UPDATED: It has been recognized by Peta and will/does have the Peta bunny logo on their products! Yay ❤ 😀 ❤

Now, with that out in the open, lets start with this review!

Flower Beauty’s Lip Butter in the color Princess and the Peony!


The packaging is adorable! It’s a great size and who wouldn’t be happy to see this little guy in their makeup bag? It’s just begging to be used 😀


It comes out of the tube just like any other lipstick. However, it is not a lipstick. It’s a smoother and lighter lipstick. It feels almost like a lip balm when you apply it. It’s moisturizing and not too sticky. I steer clear of lip sticks/glosses/balms/whatever that feel sticky. It grosses me out! The color is a pink/orange tone with flecks of gold shimmer. It’s a really beautiful color.


The top color is the Lip Butter. The bottom is a swatch of something I will be reviewing at a later date… But isn’t it a pretty color? Anyway, this Lip Butter is not very pigmented and the above swatch is after three layers. I really like how it feels on my lips but it is very close to my natural lip color without a few layers of it. It provides a nice sheer and shimmery finish, perfect for daily wear! It doesn’t turn your lips into a disco ball, just a hint of shine and shimmer to add something nice to the pale color… How many times can one person say shimmer???


If I’m being honest, I would feel much better if had Peta’s or Leaping Bunny’s little bunnies but I do trust that they are truly CF. I will be contacting them myself and I will update you guys on whatever I find out. That way we can all be a little happier 😀



This is the product on my lips after a few coats. I really liked how it looked! I don’t usually wear lip products so having something this light and cute was a good transition for me! I will say that I forgot to pack it in my purse when I went on a date last night and by the time I had some popcorn it had mostly worn off. By the time Guardians of the Galaxy (the movie Ian and I saw late last night) was over I completely forgot I had it on my lips earlier. It was 100% gone. It doesn’t claim to be long lasting, and I’m glad, because it is NOT! I do still really like it and will repurchase. They have some great color options too!

Unfortunately, you can only buy this brand at Walmart or I hope that this will change at a later time. I’m not a huge Walmart fan and their makeup sections always look picked over and cluttered.

I really hope you enjoyed this review!

-Dianna ❤

Questions: Have you ever tried this brand before? Do you feel comfortable with this brand even though it is not Leaping Bunny or Peta approved? Do you have a CF brand that you trust that isn’t LB or Peta approved? On a nice night out do you go for a more subtle or bold lip color?

What Is Lurking Under Your Kitchen Sink?

There might be a monster under your sink…. And no, it is not my adorably cute cat who was hiding in a bag of clothes! (Don’t worry, this little kitty was not taken to Good Will with the jeans that were two sizes too small 😀 )

Hiding Velvet


Actually, the monster may be your home cleaners! Gasp! I must be out of my mind, right? I really wish I was (only in this instance lol)

When I decided to go CF I didn’t want to just stop at my makeup/beauty purchases. I wanted to make a point to go as CF as I possibly could. For me, that means my household cleaning supplies were on the chopping block. Things like floor cleaner and window spray are often forgotten, but they are tested on animals too. Whether your CF journey includes changing your cleaning supplies or not, it’s up to you (and those who live in your home). I just wanted to create this post for all of those who either hadn’t thought about CF home cleaners or don’t know where to begin!

I do not buy cleaning supplies when I’m at my mother’s house. However, I will be moving into a new apartment soon and need to gather some cleaning supplies of my own. I had already purchased most of my supplies before going CF (My mom and I went bulk shopping at the beginning of the summer) so a lot of my CF household shopping will not happen for quite some time. I will use up my non-CF cleaners and then start buying new CF versions 🙂

Until then, I thought I would help out those of you who want to clean your house with a clear conscience!

In honor of currently watching an old episode of MythBusters on Netflix I thought I would “debunk some myths” about CF household cleaners!


  • CF cleaners are expensive and I just don’t have the money for the switch! 
    • There are SO many cheap CF cleaning brands (like Method brand) that can be purchased for around the same price (or cheaper) as name brand non-CF cleaners. To not break the bank on the switch, try to slowly go CF (one product at a time). Also, websites like sell a lot of CF products (and non-CF) for discounted prices.


(all images below belong to either Target or the brand in question, I do not own any of the below images)

Non-CF Cleaner

Non-CF Lysol

Lysol Lemon Breeze All Purpose Cleaner 32 oz. = $6.99 online price 

(around $0.22 per oz)

CF Cleaner

CF CLeaner

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner 26oz. = 3.19 online price

(around $0.12 per oz)

  • Most CF cleaners are more natural and I don’t think that natural cleaners can do the job right!
    • Unnecessarily harsh chemicals are not good for anyone involved, and a lot of natural cleaning products use as little of those as possible (Just enough to get the job done) to keep you clean and safe. However, when in doubt, go to the customer reviews. People who have already used these products will tell you the facts, whether good or bad. If everyone likes (or dislikes) a certain product, you probably will feel the same!
  • CF cleaners are hard to find and aren’t sold in stores near me!
    • Look no further than your local target (for example), or grocery store. CF cleaners are closer than you think (right next to your favorite non-CF brand most of the time!) You just have to know what brands to look for. Method brand, for example, is sold at my local target and Publix (the best grocery store in FL) It is also sold online… what’s closer than your front door? You can search for CF cleaning brands on Leaping Bunny’s CF Shopping Guide, you just have to find your favorite one now!
  • I can’t remember all of the CF brands when I’m shopping on the go. I’ll end up buying a non-CF brand by accident anyway!
    • Have no fear, an app is here! Leaping Bunny has created an easy to use “Cruelty-Free” app for all of your forgetful, quick shopping needs. Available for both iPhones and Androids, this app provides the whole Leaping Bunny shopping guide wherever and whenever one would need it. Whether you want to search by company, or product (like household items) this thing has you covered! It’s a lifesaver and I think everyone should download it right now… go ahead… I’ll wait.

So, as you can see, finding and purchasing CF cleaners is not as difficult as you might have thought. It just takes a little research and effort, but it is VERY worth it in the end. Just think of all the animals you can help by making this little change around your home. I hope this post has helped you in your cruelty-free cleaning endeavors! 😀

-Dianna ❤

Questions: Do you use, or are thinking of using CF cleaning products for your home? Did you believe any of the myths above before this post? What do you think about going CF when it comes to household products? Did you download the Leaping Bunny app yet?

Lush Shaving Soap Samples – Review and Guest Writer!!

I walk into Lush EVERY time I go to the mall and I still have never purchased anything from there. They’re amazing, I love all of their products, and they have great customer service. I don’t know why I haven’t picked anything up yet. It could be the prices or the fact that there is a million things to choose from and that’s a little overwhelming for me. I’m not quite sure. However, last time I went into the store I made it one step closer to making my first purchase! (I just picked up a couple samples lol)

They were selling their new shaving soap and I’ve been having a bad reaction to my non-CF ones at home. I decided this was a good time to try a lush product! Below are pictures of the product that I received. It’s called D’ Fluff. I thought it was cute 🙂 This strawberry scented, fluffy shaving cream (or mousse [it’s less of a shaving cream than I originally thought]) wasn’t what I was expecting but it’s amazing!

D'Fluff Sample D'Fluff Sample D'Fluff swatch


D’Fluff Shaving Soap = $16.95 on

The small amount on my hand could probably be used for one arm pit. It doesn’t get as foamy as your traditional shaving cream but it does slightly lather and leave a gel-like consistency under your arms, protecting you from those harsh blades. I have very sensitive skin so I tried it only under my arms at first, but I had no weird reaction. It left me feeling smooth and moisturized. The amazing scent and the fact that you don’t have to use a lot of product makes this my new favorite thing at the moment! Between this and my love of toothpaste, you guys are going to start thinking I’m a freak. haha

I really recommend this product to anyone who needs a new CF shaving cream and I will be purchasing this in it’s full size soon! It isn’t the cheapest thing, but I think since you don’t need a whole lot per application that it is worth it!

Guest Writer Time 😀

When we were at the mall, my boyfriend picked up a sample of Lush’s shaving cream too. Instead of doing a crappy review of something I’ve never used I thought it would be better for him to join in on the fun! His review and pictures of Lush’s Dirty Shaving Cream sample is below 🙂

Lush Dirty Shaving Lush Dirty Shaving Lush Dirty swatch

Dirty Shaving Cream = $13.95 – $25.95 on

Hey guys! My name is Ian, and I’m excited to be doing this guest writing for you all 🙂 The local Lush store at the mall is the only one I’ve ever been to, so I can’t say how all of them are. However, the one that Dianna and I go to is sadly lacking in men’s products. I picked up one of the only ones I could find a few months ago, their Dirty Hair Cream, (Which maybe I’ll do a guest review on at a later date haha) and absolutely loved it. When I saw that they had a shaving cream to go along with it, I knew I had to grab a sample.

Now, being someone who was not blessed with very active facial follicles, I don’t have to shave all that often. However, when I do, I still like to use the best products I can. The Dirty Cream has given me a great shaving experience so far. It has a somewhat beachy-yet-sweet smell that I really enjoy. At first, I was kind of taken aback by the consistency. Out of the container, it has a somewhat liquid, lotion-like feel to it. Also, it doesn’t work up a soapy lather like regular shaving cream does. Instead, it gets much thicker and turns kind of… gooey? I don’t really have any words to describe it that don’t make it sound gross, but it really isn’t bad. It definitely gives a nice smooth shave, and I did not once feel as it I was going to nick myself whatsoever. I didn’t even use that much of it. The amount left in the first picture above is after my first shave. I definitely think I could get at least a few more shaves out of that small sample container.

I can’t say how well this product would work for someone who needs to shave a lot of thick facial hair, or hair anywhere else for that matter (e.g. legs, armpits, etc). Also, since my skin is not all that sensitive compared to some other people’s, I cannot say how well it would work for someone who needs something more gentle for their skin type. However, it worked perfectly for my needs, and I definitely plan on picking up the full-sized product once my sample runs out. Oh, and even though it is marketed at a “men’s product,” the associate at the store assured me that many women greatly enjoy the Dirty products as well, and I can see why! I would definitely recommend this shaving cream to anyone for their daily shaving needs.

I hope you guys enjoyed these reviews and the guest writer section!I know Ian and I had fun doing it 🙂 Let me know what you guys thought!

Questions: Have you tried these products, or any other Lush shaving creams? Whats your favorite Lush product? Do you have another favorite CF shaving cream?

– Dianna & Ian ❤

YesTo Grapefruit CC Cream – Review

Happy Monday! Today is going to be a review about YesTo Grapefruit’s CC Cream. Below I will have pictures, Pros & Cons, and questions for you guys!


PROS: The bottle is cute and little. It fits nicely in my makeup bag! I also like that it has SPF 18 in it. I don’t usually like SPF in my makeup, but for a summer in FL it’s a must! This little bottle also has an easy pump and it dispenses quite well and has tons of natural ingredients. I like knowing what is being put on my face!



You can’t really see the product because it blended well into my more tanned hand… I did put too much on. The consistency is not too watery but very light! I know it is a CC cream and it is supposed to be light, but it was too sheer for me. There were quite a few more issues too.

CONS: After I apply it I feel like there is nothing but weird clumps of slightly orange color on my face. I know you can’t see it because this is a picture after a few hours of wear but there are a few pictures below. I also have powder on, so most of the color on my face was from that. There were orange streaks, I just couldn’t get it in a picture and I really tried lol. (Which I guess is good in a normal instance, but for this blog I really wanted you to see the marks)



I always have weird orange streaks on my neck where I rubbed the excess product to “blend” it in… If you look closely at my face in person you can tell that the product was rubbed because it doesn’t adhere to every part of your face. It kind of clumps into areas together and doesn’t blend quite as well. I always feel like I’m finding new areas on my face to blend better throughout the day and thats kind of embarrassing. Of course, as it dries it become difficult to blend and that’s normal. However, if I rub my face after it dried (which I usually do… bad habit, I know!) I get a darker, dirty looking, residue that comes off. I really don’t know how to explain it. It’s just gross and makes me want to re-wash my face 😦

Maybe if they had a lighter color (or less orange undertone ones) I would be able to reuse this product, but between that and the really strong smell that lingers on my face I don’t think this is best for me!

I was super disappointed in this product and would NOT repurchase. It was my first CF foundation and so I’m back to using whatever is left of my non-CF brand.

The YesTo Brand is fantastic and this is the only product that I would complain about so far. I’m super disappointed in this experience but  this will not stop me from buying other products from YesTo.

Questions: Have you ever used this product? Did you like it or not? What CF foundation do you use? Have any foundation horror stories?

-Dianna ❤

P.S. I’m sorry about last friday! Last week on monday my Grandma’s dog (who lived with us and was 14 years old) passed away while I was sleeping and home alone with my grandmother. Trying to figure out what to do next and mourning after the loss of a dog I’ve known forever was difficult. My Monday and Wednesday blogs were already written and scheduled for posting so I didn’t have to worry about that! However, as the week went on I had to deal with my apartment complex (that I move into soon) saying I was late on payments (when I wasn’t) and that I had to pay my rent sooner than I had expected. I still had time to write my blog, however, I lost track of time by the end of the week with everything going on. The long week ended with something really fun though! I dragged my butt up at 5am to go to my fourth Vans Warped Tour!!! Since I didn’t post on friday I wanted to post an extra picture, showing you what I did with my fun time this past week! (I’m the one in the middle in the white shirt… I’m also the smallest of my friends! lol)

Warped Tour 2014Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’ll see you on Wednesday 😀 ❤

Happy Friday Everyone!

This week has been quite stressful and I will not be able to write an actual post for today 😦 I will make it up to you guys on Monday!! 😀 I hope everyone has a great Friday!!!

-Dianna ❤

Back To School Wish List: CF Edition

In exactly one month I will be moving into my apartment and starting my junior year at University. I am going into my 16th year of schooling… That is just crazy! I’m a planner and I love making wish lists before I go on my “Back to School” shopping trip for all things paper, decorative and expensive. Although most of my list consists of folders, paper and pens, I’ll just show you guys some of the beauty items I wanted to get before fall semester rolls around. Since I have recently become CF, I am soon going to have almost NO beauty items left. The summer is coming to an end, my tan will fade and all of my non-CF products will be used up!

The five items below are not the only products I’ve been eyeing, but my non-CF versions are running low and I have to replace these ones soon. When you decide to become CF, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing event. Go at your own pace, one item at a time or even all at once! All of the pictures below were not taken by me and are property of the websites they are linked to!

So, here we go!

Eco Tools eye set


EcoTools Essential Eye Set – $7.99 on

  • My current brushes are old, perpetually dirty and are falling apart. While they are CF, I wanted to start this school year with a fresh start and a new brand of brushes. I’ve heard great things about the EcoTools brushes and they are SO soft! I want all of them! They are really cute too 🙂

Hugo Naturals Spray

Hugo Naturals Essential Mist (Vanilla & Sweet Orange) – $4.99 on

  • My perfumes are expensive, non-CF and almost empty! I do not have enough money to buy new perfumes so I am on the hunt for body mists. They are like $100 cheaper and usually have more product! I know there are some benefits to having perfumes, but you can’t beat $4.99. I really can’t wait to order some of these. Doesn’t Vanilla & Sweet Orange just sound so nice? I thought so! A new scent for a new school year, sounds good to me!

Hello Toothpaste

Hello Fluoride Toothpaste (SuperMint) – SALE $4.49 on

  • Is it weird that I’m wishing for toothpaste? Once I move I won’t have the communal toothpaste at my mother’s house (which is not CF) and I just think theses are the cutest ones. I tend to be brand loyal, and I love having everything a company has to offer. Plus, they have both toothpaste and mouthwashes. I just hope they’re as good as they seem!

Too Faced - Tan w/o twinkle

Too Faced Bronzer (tan without the twinkle w/brush) – $15.00 on

  • I have a confession… I’ve never used a Too Faced product. (AH! I know, I know) But don’t worry, my goal is to change that! I am 20 years old and have a limited supply of money, so the $30 full sized bronzer is not an option at the moment. I think this tiny matte bronzer would be a good introduction into Too Faced before I start splurging. It’s still really expensive for the size. I hope it is worth it!


YesTo Tomatoes 3-Step Acne System Bundle – SALE $19.99 on

  • I suffer from acne prone skin and I don’t see this changing any time soon, unfortunately. I have used the YesTo Tomatoes daily pore scrub but I have not tried this 3-step system. It would be nice to start this new school year with clearer skin and a treatment system that will keep it that way. I have high hopes for this, and lets cross our fingers that it lives up to the challenge.

So, there they are! The five beauties items I would LOVE to have for the new school year. I hope I am able to get all of these so I can do reviews for you 😀

-Dianna ❤

Questions: What products are on your back to school list? Have you tried any of these items? Did you like them? Are you still in school? What are you most excited for in the next school year? Which one of these items do you want a review for the most?