Small Mall Haul: Sephora and LUSH

Today I went to my local mall only to find out that The Body Shop was no longer there… Many words were said by me to the empty bay in the middle of the mall.

Once I got over this bad news I decided to go get my hands on some products I’ve been wanting for a while now. I had to place an online order of the products I wanted from The Body Shop, so I will make a post about those soon!

I went to Sephora and LUSH, these are the results:



Born This Way Foundation – Medium to Full Coverage – $39 USD

I am so excited that I picked up Born This Way by Too Faced at Sephora. I’ve only heard rave reviews so far about this product. It is my first more expensive foundation I’ve ever owned. As soon as I use it I’ll be sure to let you guys know. I’m not sure I believe that this is my actual color though, I think it looks too dark… We’ll have to see. I just love the box and product packaging. It is really cute!


LUSH’s Shampoo Bar – Montalbano – $9.95 USD

Then I walked three stores down to LUSH. I spent too much time in there and only bought two things. One was this shampoo bar. Its called Montalbano and smells like lemons. I LOVE lemons and shampoo bars. A match made in citrus clean heaven. I’ve never tried this product either so keep your eyes peeled for a review… pun totally intended.


LUSH’s Bar Soap – Sexy Peel – $6.40 USD for 3.5oz

My absolute favorite soap in LUSH is Sexy Peel. I’m so happy that I was able to pick some of this up during my shopping trip. It also smells like lemon, hence the name. This scent always wakes me up when I take those early morning showers and after a long steamy shower the whole bathroom smells super clean. I can’t wait to use it tomorrow morning ❤


These are two samples that I’m really looking forward to using. Happy Hippy is a citrus scented body wash and Jasmine + Henna is a hair treatment for dry/frizzy locks. I have NO idea how these will end up, but I will let you know as soon as I do.

I can’t wait to try all of these products and let you know how they work!

Speak to you soon 😀

-Dianna ❤

Lush Review: Seanik Shampoo Bar


Image: Property of LUSH Cosmetics

This little bar of shampoo is by far the BEST cruelty-free shampoo I have ever used. When I went CF over a year ago now I started with shampoo. I thought that the Yesto blueberry shampoo was pretty good for a first try. I actually did a review of it here. It still is a pretty good shampoo and conditioner set, don’t get me wrong, but is no Seanik!

This disk of heaven is a little pricey for the size ($11.95 USD) but it really lasts if you use it correctly. I’ve had mine since October and it probably has a month or two left in its life. Thats only $1.40 USD a month so far, not too shabby.

Are you confused on how on earth you could clean your hair with a dry little blue disk with seaweed? Don’t worry, the folks over at Lush know exactly what they’re doing:

Video: Property of LUSH Cosmetics

I wish you could smell through the screen. It is seriously one of the best smells! Its very strong fresh scent. With hints of lemon, orange, and jasmine to name a few how could you not fall in love? However, the smell doesn’t overpower your hair. It just leaves your hair feeling extremely clean!

I have found these tips to be the best way to get the most out of this product: Wet all of your hair in warm water, make sure its soaked. Now take the bar and rub it on your hair as close to your roots as possible, lifting your hair to make sure that you rub it on as much of your roots as you can get. Don’t go crazy rubbing it 5 or 6 times on each spot. It lathers EXTREMELY well once you work your hands through your hair. Less is more for this product so one or two swipes per area is fine. Once you’ve rubbed the bar on your roots, scrub your hair with your hands like you would with any other shampoo. Try not to  scrub the ends of you hair and strip any essential oils that keep those locks healthy. Just rinse off the shampoo once you’re as clean as you want, the shampoo that drips down will clean the ends of your hair without being too harsh, and there you go 😀

You should also buy the tin they sell online and in stores so you don’t get residue all over the place. Also, it keeps it dry so you waste even less product! They try to sell you the little tin made for shampoo bars but I find that when the product starts to get smaller and sticks inside the tin you’d have to have baby fingers to get it out. Try the Body Butter Tin, I love it! This tin keeps the shampoo bar dry in between uses and I can fit my fingers around the bar when it gets stuck to the bottom.

My hair has become so much softer, cleaner, and healthier since I’ve started using this product and stopped washing it every day. I could never believe I could go more than one day without shampooing. With the help of Seanik I can go three days in between washes without compromising on that fresh and clean feeling.

Sidenote: This is not a wash-your-hair-everyday type of shampoo, I can’t stress that enough. You shouldn’t wash your hair everyday anyway, but this shampoo helps clean your hair so perfectly that you won’t even want to clean it more than two or three times a week! I have a very greasy scalp during the hot/humid summer months in Florida and this product can get rid of excess oils with no issue.If you use this every day your hair will start to feel overly dry, not exactly the best feeling in the world. If you have dry hair you might want to test this product out only once a week to see if it can work for you!

Oh, and don’t forget the importance of using conditioner on the ends of your hair. Just pair this with your favorite conditioner and you’re good to go. Who knows, there might be a conditioner review coming soon… lol

-Dianna ❤