Whisker Wednesday: My beautiful cat!

Hello everyone 😀

I wanted to make a weekly post about my animals to bring a little bit of furry cuteness to the CFC page. Alliterations are my fave, so Whisker Wednesday it is ❤

This week I want to introduce you to my cat! Her name is Velvet.IMG_1681

She is a six-year-old, solid black, american short hair. Velvet is actually named after our Humane Society’s “Black Velvet Club” for black animals. As a lover of all animals I was confused as to why we were now part of a “club” because of our little black beauty.


Once we were officially the pet parents of Velvet, the Humane Society provided us with a booklet on “club” information. They put together this “Black Velvet Club” because of the lack of black animal adoptions within our city. I cannot speak for the entire U.S. but in our town black cats were the most likely to be euthanized due to lack of adoption than any other color cats.

Also, black cats are the center of superstition (especially on Friday the 13th and Halloween). There have been cases of horrific brutalization of black cats on these holidays. Once again, I cannot speak for the rest of America (or the world for this matter) but it is something was happening near me and it was sincerely upsetting. I named her after the club because they were honorably trying to make sure that black cats were not euthanized at such high rates by reducing adoption fees, offering free vaccinations through kitten-hood, and many other amazing things.

We have since moved away from that city, but this issue is something that will follow my heart wherever I go. I cannot imagine not having my little black princess or choosing any other cat over her simply because of her fur color.There are plenty of articles to find supporting and denying the black cat issues, feel free to look into any of this information 🙂

I hope Velvet’s cute little face has made your day a little better ❤

I will be back later this week with another haul, stay tuned!

Speak to you soon,

-Dianna ❤