Cruelty-Free Hand Soaps

There are two “home” things that always make me excited for the season to change, and with the passing of yet another Ground Hog’s Day (Here in the U.S.) I thought it’d be a great time to invite spring into my home. The two “home” things I LOVE more than anything are:

  1. Candles
  2. Hand Soap

So, I don’t have any new cf candles at the moment, I’m on a hunt. If you have any to recommend leave a comment below. I’m in dire need of new scents/companies that are cf!

This means that I have some new hand soaps that I love! ❤

I recently ran out of my YesTo hand soaps, (which were amazing! I’ll do a review about those soon) and I wanted to try another brand. While I was shopping at Target the other day, I stumbled across the Seventh Generation selection. I’m currently into anything that is citrus scented. This is mostly because I’ve been sick and the idea of clean citrus makes me feel a little better.

I bought two on this trip. One for our master bathroom and another for the kitchen.

They’re both 12fl oz.; The orange colored one is Mandarin, Orange, and Grapefruit scented. Its great! Not overpowering at all, such a light and fresh scent. The blue one is more anti-bacterial (but not harsh and stripping) and has a lemon grass & tea tree scent. I’ve been LOVING tea tree scents since I purchased the BodyShop face wash so this makes me very happy 😀 This is also a nice and light scent, not too overwhelming.

So far, I’d recommend this soap (in these two scents at least). It leaves a nice, clean feeling without being drying. It also lathers extremely well, which I love because it actually looks like its cleaning better. They were both only $3 USD at my local target. I think thats a great price for a more natural and good quality hand soap.

I hope you found this helpful! Are there any hand soaps that you just LOVE? Oh, and do you have any cf candles recommendations?

Speak to you soon,

-Dianna ❤

YesTo Grapefruit CC Cream – Review

Happy Monday! Today is going to be a review about YesTo Grapefruit’s CC Cream. Below I will have pictures, Pros & Cons, and questions for you guys!


PROS: The bottle is cute and little. It fits nicely in my makeup bag! I also like that it has SPF 18 in it. I don’t usually like SPF in my makeup, but for a summer in FL it’s a must! This little bottle also has an easy pump and it dispenses quite well and has tons of natural ingredients. I like knowing what is being put on my face!



You can’t really see the product because it blended well into my more tanned hand… I did put too much on. The consistency is not too watery but very light! I know it is a CC cream and it is supposed to be light, but it was too sheer for me. There were quite a few more issues too.

CONS: After I apply it I feel like there is nothing but weird clumps of slightly orange color on my face. I know you can’t see it because this is a picture after a few hours of wear but there are a few pictures below. I also have powder on, so most of the color on my face was from that. There were orange streaks, I just couldn’t get it in a picture and I really tried lol. (Which I guess is good in a normal instance, but for this blog I really wanted you to see the marks)



I always have weird orange streaks on my neck where I rubbed the excess product to “blend” it in… If you look closely at my face in person you can tell that the product was rubbed because it doesn’t adhere to every part of your face. It kind of clumps into areas together and doesn’t blend quite as well. I always feel like I’m finding new areas on my face to blend better throughout the day and thats kind of embarrassing. Of course, as it dries it become difficult to blend and that’s normal. However, if I rub my face after it dried (which I usually do… bad habit, I know!) I get a darker, dirty looking, residue that comes off. I really don’t know how to explain it. It’s just gross and makes me want to re-wash my face 😦

Maybe if they had a lighter color (or less orange undertone ones) I would be able to reuse this product, but between that and the really strong smell that lingers on my face I don’t think this is best for me!

I was super disappointed in this product and would NOT repurchase. It was my first CF foundation and so I’m back to using whatever is left of my non-CF brand.

The YesTo Brand is fantastic and this is the only product that I would complain about so far. I’m super disappointed in this experience but  this will not stop me from buying other products from YesTo.

Questions: Have you ever used this product? Did you like it or not? What CF foundation do you use? Have any foundation horror stories?

-Dianna ❤

P.S. I’m sorry about last friday! Last week on monday my Grandma’s dog (who lived with us and was 14 years old) passed away while I was sleeping and home alone with my grandmother. Trying to figure out what to do next and mourning after the loss of a dog I’ve known forever was difficult. My Monday and Wednesday blogs were already written and scheduled for posting so I didn’t have to worry about that! However, as the week went on I had to deal with my apartment complex (that I move into soon) saying I was late on payments (when I wasn’t) and that I had to pay my rent sooner than I had expected. I still had time to write my blog, however, I lost track of time by the end of the week with everything going on. The long week ended with something really fun though! I dragged my butt up at 5am to go to my fourth Vans Warped Tour!!! Since I didn’t post on friday I wanted to post an extra picture, showing you what I did with my fun time this past week! (I’m the one in the middle in the white shirt… I’m also the smallest of my friends! lol)

Warped Tour 2014Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’ll see you on Wednesday 😀 ❤

Back To School Wish List: CF Edition

In exactly one month I will be moving into my apartment and starting my junior year at University. I am going into my 16th year of schooling… That is just crazy! I’m a planner and I love making wish lists before I go on my “Back to School” shopping trip for all things paper, decorative and expensive. Although most of my list consists of folders, paper and pens, I’ll just show you guys some of the beauty items I wanted to get before fall semester rolls around. Since I have recently become CF, I am soon going to have almost NO beauty items left. The summer is coming to an end, my tan will fade and all of my non-CF products will be used up!

The five items below are not the only products I’ve been eyeing, but my non-CF versions are running low and I have to replace these ones soon. When you decide to become CF, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing event. Go at your own pace, one item at a time or even all at once! All of the pictures below were not taken by me and are property of the websites they are linked to!

So, here we go!

Eco Tools eye set


EcoTools Essential Eye Set – $7.99 on

  • My current brushes are old, perpetually dirty and are falling apart. While they are CF, I wanted to start this school year with a fresh start and a new brand of brushes. I’ve heard great things about the EcoTools brushes and they are SO soft! I want all of them! They are really cute too 🙂

Hugo Naturals Spray

Hugo Naturals Essential Mist (Vanilla & Sweet Orange) – $4.99 on

  • My perfumes are expensive, non-CF and almost empty! I do not have enough money to buy new perfumes so I am on the hunt for body mists. They are like $100 cheaper and usually have more product! I know there are some benefits to having perfumes, but you can’t beat $4.99. I really can’t wait to order some of these. Doesn’t Vanilla & Sweet Orange just sound so nice? I thought so! A new scent for a new school year, sounds good to me!

Hello Toothpaste

Hello Fluoride Toothpaste (SuperMint) – SALE $4.49 on

  • Is it weird that I’m wishing for toothpaste? Once I move I won’t have the communal toothpaste at my mother’s house (which is not CF) and I just think theses are the cutest ones. I tend to be brand loyal, and I love having everything a company has to offer. Plus, they have both toothpaste and mouthwashes. I just hope they’re as good as they seem!

Too Faced - Tan w/o twinkle

Too Faced Bronzer (tan without the twinkle w/brush) – $15.00 on

  • I have a confession… I’ve never used a Too Faced product. (AH! I know, I know) But don’t worry, my goal is to change that! I am 20 years old and have a limited supply of money, so the $30 full sized bronzer is not an option at the moment. I think this tiny matte bronzer would be a good introduction into Too Faced before I start splurging. It’s still really expensive for the size. I hope it is worth it!


YesTo Tomatoes 3-Step Acne System Bundle – SALE $19.99 on

  • I suffer from acne prone skin and I don’t see this changing any time soon, unfortunately. I have used the YesTo Tomatoes daily pore scrub but I have not tried this 3-step system. It would be nice to start this new school year with clearer skin and a treatment system that will keep it that way. I have high hopes for this, and lets cross our fingers that it lives up to the challenge.

So, there they are! The five beauties items I would LOVE to have for the new school year. I hope I am able to get all of these so I can do reviews for you 😀

-Dianna ❤

Questions: What products are on your back to school list? Have you tried any of these items? Did you like them? Are you still in school? What are you most excited for in the next school year? Which one of these items do you want a review for the most?


YesTo Blueberries: Enter to win $500!

I plan to only post three times a week but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity! The YesTo brand is one of my favorites (hence the review that was posted earlier today!) and they are doing a giveaway this month! In case you don’t frequent their page like I do, I thought I would bring the information to you. I am not giving away $500… (I WISH!) but they are, so if I were you I would head on over to their page and check it out! You can click their image below or go to their website/facebook to enter!


They are also having a competition for their new YesTo blueberries face & neck oil! You can win a year’s supply of this great stuff if you use the hashtag #YesToHeart in your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pictures! Just use the hashtag in a picture that displays something that keeps you feeling young at heart. You can click their picture below to find out all that you need to know to enter.


Good luck everyone (I hope one of us wins!) Have a great day and don’t forget to check out my first review of the YesTo brand below! 😀

-Dianna ❤


*I am in NO way paid or sponsored by YESTO or any other company/person. All of the images above are that of the YesTo brand and I do not take credit for any of them! When you click on them you will be brought to THEIR website and THEIR contest. I am not involved in these contests (only as a fellow contestant lol) and have no connections to who wins or not! Thank you for your time 😀



YesTo Blueberries Shampoo and Conditioner- Review

Hi there 🙂

When I decided to go CF I went to google (didn’t we all??). Through “google-research” I found the Leaping Bunny shopping guide and went straight to the hair care section. I was running out of my current hair care supplies and I thought this would be a great time to start purchasing a new brand. I was using head & shoulders (my over dyed and processed hair needed something strong enough to clean it without stripping it of all it’s oils). I had seen the YesTo Carrots brand before, in my local Target, and when I saw that it was on the CF list I jumped on it.(It does help that the whole site was on discount! lol) I was going to do a mini haul and describe all of the items I bought from there but I decided to break it up instead. I wanted to give each item its own post! They really deserve it!

So after that long intro… Let’s get on with the review!

First, in case you have never seen YesTo products (you really are missing out!) Here are a couple pictures:

YesTo Hair Care YesTo BB Back

Please excuse the glare! The sun wanted to be extra shiny while I was taking pictures! Also, it doesn’t have a Bunny Logo (some of their products do, and some don’t) and that might scare some people but don’t worry! All of their products are CF and if you click the product link below you will see that the website says it is CF too! 🙂 Yay!

Like every other product, this shampoo and conditioner combo has some claims that I really wanted to be true. After I used it for quite some time and finished my conditioner bottle (It’s always the first to go!) I figured it would be a good time to reflect on the claims and see how accurate they truly are!

Product: YesTo Blueberries Healthy Hair Repair Shampoo & Conditioner  $15.99 on the YesTo Website


  1. Restores fullness & shine =  This is SORTA true… My hair did not feel limp or weighed down by this product at all so my natural fullness remained (I’m not sure if it would restore it or not… mine never went away). I have quite thick/full/frizzy/damaged hair due to genetics and years of hot tools, dying, and the hot Florida sun! I didn’t notice much extra shine added but I’ve never had much shine to begin with. This seems to be a case of you can’t restore what was never there I guess.
  2. Healthier-Looking Hair in 7 days = YES this is true! I noticed that my hair felt less frizzy, more nourished, and not greasy after application. I would say this claim is 100% true for me and my hair type! My hair feels so clean but not stripped of all the moisture it so desperately needed. I love that!
  3. Reduced breakage = I can’t really answer this one…I, thankfully, don’t have much of an issue when it came to breakage but it did reduce my frizz problem! Since I don’t have extreme breakage issues I do not know if it really did what it claims!

Overall, I love this product and it does exactly what I need a shampoo & conditioner to do for my hair! It’s not too expensive and the smell is great (not too strong but leaves a subtle smell of natural goodness!) It does not have any harsh chemicals that will further damage your lovely locks or the environment. It does what it says it will and I will be repurchasing this product. I also like the packaging. It is easy to dispense and looks cute (that is always a plus in my book!)

Cruelty-Free Confidence says yes to the YesTo brand!

Look for other YesTo reviews coming soon and don’t forget to check out their website! It is filled with CF goodies. Let me know what you thought of this review below: Good or Bad?

-Dianna ❤

Questions: Have you tried any YesTo products? What was your first CF purchase? What products do you want reviews of? How are you doing today? 🙂


*I am in NO way paid, sponsored, or asked to do this review by YesTo or any other company/person. All of the posts are my own original material and I ask that if you would like to use anything on Cruelty-free Confidence give the blog credit within your post. Thanks 😀